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Ides of March Interview with Christopher Cantwell

Er ist wieder da… look who’s back… again:

Christopher Cantwell, host of the Radical Agenda and author of SurrealPolitiks, also known as the White Terror of Keene, joins me for a long overdue interview. The last time I had Chris on was back in 2020 before his arrest by the Feds.

 In about two hours we go over a plethora of topics ranging from Chris’ latest filings in the Charlottesville civil suit, his interest in realpolitik, why the US should ally with Russia against China, the state of the alt-right and what Nick Fuentes and his groypers have been doing to it, Trump vs DeSantis, subversion in fringe politics and much more!

Here is the video link to the interview on the Shire Free Media odysee channel

and here is the audio link to my libsyn.

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VIDEO: Patriots and Free Staters Protest Mask Mandate OUtside NH Gov. Sununu’s House

Three days after issuing a constitutionally dubious mask mandate, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu spent his Sunday afternoon hiding from a protest organized by Absolute Defiance and attended by around a hundred people. The crowd stayed on public property across from the Sununu residence and chanted, bullhorned, and socialized for a few hours before Sununu’s primary challenger Nobody ordered everybody pizza, even offering some to the state police guarding the stock. There was a consensus that most participants will be back same time, same place the next weekend until the mask mandate is lifted.

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