QA Ep. 63 ChickenHawk Squawk + Jonestown Cult Revolt aftershow

Vincent starts the New Year covering many aspects of Trump’s assassination off Iranian General Soleimani and its implications along with some miscellaneous news plus a special aftershow covering Alex Jones’ sad descent into warmongering. Audio link Link to NEW and IMPROVED telegram listener group

QA Ep. 43 Biden’s Big Bucks and Generation Z fearmongering

Former VP Joe Biden “raises” beaucoup bucks in just 24 hours, Elizabeth Warren becomes the first democratic candidate to engage in infighting, California is plagued with pestilence and Generation Z is poised to be the most statist ever. Podcast: http://questioningauthority.libsyn.com/ep-43-bidens-big-bucks-and-generation-z-fearmongering Commercial free video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZNOAI-K9mc Support: Bitcoin: 1EjcP882XfSFSzQFWRBDHtnE3DqmeqbuTs Bitcoin Cash: qr6lrm30uw5rdudg8kqa2v82y9cd00r94c5lkdh8dt Dash: Xu6q1iyWppz4tQNdu7p5P8NitNjM6c1VEK Contact: shirefreemedia@gmail.com or t.me/questioningauthority

QA Live 4/20 Special with Chris Cantwell

Vincent celebrates 4/20 by inviting Radical Agenda host Christopher Cantwell on to discuss and debate a plethora of topics ranging from their respective views on how to best combat tyranny, the failed War on Drugs, Project Veritas’ exposé on the obvious political bias banks have when it comes to debanking right wing figures, plus a few great calls, an hour