QA Ep. 39 Whatever you say I am

I’m really enjoying the structure going over week’s top headlines give to the show instead of me just rambling on for the first segment. It gives me a kind of momentum. Anyways I was able to stay focused and talk about the Yellow Vest riots and their implications on the effectiveness of political violence, Democratic […]

QA Ep. 38 Hodling Out for A Hero

Since the crypto market crashed last year I haven’t paid much thought to it, thinking it would be better to just not think about it until the markets (inevitably???) recover. But last week I saw a few headlines indicating that the markets are primed to begin recovering and I could’t help but use “Hodling out […]

QA Ep. 37 Terrorist Treasure Hunt

This week’s episode I go back to the roots of the show and go over the week’s news for a majority of the show, covering topics like Trump’s CPAC speech, the U.S. military going after terrorist treasure in the Levant, plus much more. I also take a call from an aspiring Navy recruit, James threatening […]